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How To Become A Digital Marketing Hero

This digital guide will turn you into the company’s digital hero. Here you will find concrete strategic guidance, valuable advice and practical cases.

The book’s three focus areas are:

  • The digital tools. The different parts of digital marketing, including social media, display advertising, search engine marketing, site strategy and digital CRM.
  • The digital strategy process. A concrete and well-proven method to develop a digital strategy. The 7-step process will show you maximum probability of achieving the goal in the shortest possible time, with the least possible resources
  • The digital measurement. Measurement of the effects and methods to optimize your digital strategy.

Blockchain Made Simple

“With blockchain’s full potential and implication left unanalyzed, we are already deep in the process of a technological revolution. Some tech-savvy people might be fortunate enough to foresee the future we’re headed but unfortunately, regular people are blind, guessing and wondering at best.

This ebook was born as my answer to fill such gap. It contains unprecedented insights drawn from my numerous years of international, digital career. And of course my latest venture as the founder & CEO of one of the world’s most promising unicorns-to-be (with blockchain in its core technology portfolio) led me inevitably to gain unparalleled depth and width of knowledge on the topic.”