Are You Ready to Take Over the World?

Are you a go-getter with the dream to accomplish something huge? Do you think outside the box and invent solutions for problems you didn’t know exists? Are you ready to work hard – and that is really hard – to reach the goal and be part something that will change the world? Then AIAR is the place for you.

What Google created in 10 years, we will be creating in 6 months. We’re on a mission to take over the world, and we believe that the only way to succeed with that is by having the Hungriest Digital Tigers and Toughest Tech Lions available.

So why should I risk my safe and secure job by doing something as crazy as this? Well, if you love the routines and the security you get from a normal job, you definitely shouldn’t. But if you’re in for a ride: keep reading. Here no day is like another. You´ll not only be working with the things you know but be challenged daily to learn new skills. In return you’ll have the chance to become the industry leader. And not to forget, this unique global adventure comes with possibilities for extremely good bonuses for the ones who are helping us to reach global success.

So we don’t promise you a walk in the park, but we promise you that the journey will be one of a kind and awarding for both the world and for yourself. And don’t be surprised if there will be made movies about this story in the future.


Our open positions are listed to the right. Don’t find your role? No worries, we love spontaneous applications. Short inboxes, full CVs — it doesn’t matter. Submit your application to [email protected]